Over the course of 5 years, data from approximately 1,500 publications that contain laboratory analyses for the Lunar, Antarctic Meteorite, Cosmic Dust, Genesis, Hayabusa, Stardust, and Microparticle Impact collections will be compiled into the AstroDB synthesis, together with a wide range of information pertaining to the provenance of the analytical measurements (e.g., analytical instrumentation, laboratory, sample preparation procedures, instrument calibration, data reduction) and to the quality of the data. Focus will initially be on geochemical, mineralogical, and geochronological data, but content will be extended later to include additional data types such as experimental petrology, images, and spectrography.

Content of the MoonDB database of lunar sample data, which has already been compiled over the past 4 years with funding from two NASA awards, has been integrated into AstroDB.

We encourage researchers to contribute their data, especially unpublished historical data, to AstroDB. Please contact us at info@astromat.org.