The latest updates and developments for AstroMat, including collaborations with MetBase and OSIRIS-REx, will be presented at the 85th Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society, in Glasgow, Scotland taking place August 14-19, 2022.

Several talks are scheduled in the CURATION, EDUCATION AND OUTREACH session on Wednesday August 17, 2022. This session covers a variety of presentations concerning the physical and digital curation of meteorites and samples returned from exploration missions to the Moon and asteroids. Chairs: Ryan Zeigler and Natasha Almeida

Lehnert K. A., Ji P., Mays J., Profeta L., Figueroa J. D., Johansson A., Morrison S.
The Astromaterials Data System: Enabling Open and FAIR Astromaterials Samples Data [#6518]
The Astromaterials Data System is funded by NASA to curate, archive, and publish data generated by the analysis of astromaterial samples collected by NASA missions. Astromat’s services enable FAIR data in compliance with NASA and publishers policies.

Hezel D. C., Lehnert K. A.
The Future of Cosmochemical Databases: MetBase and the Astromaterials Data System (ASTROMAT) Started a Common Future [#6409]
MetBase and Astromaterials are two of the largest meteorite and planetary materials databases worldwide. We started a project that will in its first part align MetBase with Astromaterials, and in the second part merge MetBase with Astromaterials.

Bennett C. A., Haenecour P., Lehnert K. A., Richard S.
Achieving Long-Term Data Archiving Goals for OSIRIS-REx Sample Analysis Through Coordinated Efforts with AstroMat [#6498]
The OSIRIS-REx team is updating the mission’s data management plan to include a path forward for sample analysis data archiving in coordination with the Astromaterials Data System (AstroMat).