AstroDB is the integrated data synthesis of the Astromaterials Data System that provides access to laboratory data acquired on samples curated in the Astromaterials Collection of the Johnson Space Center.


AstroDB provides access to:

  • major oxide, trace element
  • isotopes, age, and modal data from lunar samples and meteorites

The analytical data are complemented by associated metadata which provide information on how the data was obtained, including information about the sample, analytical method, and literature reference.

If you would like to suggest a reference to AstroDB, please email us at

AstroDB contain data that have appeared in the public record. This includes journal articles, monographs, masters and doctoral theses. AstroMat cannot guarantee the accuracy of reported data beyond peer review at the publication and committee level. We strongly urge users to use the same level of critical judgment as they would with any other kind of published data.

How to Cite AstroDB

To cite AstroDB please reference its URL in text and in figure captions:

Please cite the specific download by giving the date and, if possible, parameters of the download.


“The data were downloaded from the AstroDB Database ( on 27 January, 2021, using the following parameters: Taxon = SHERGOTTITE and Analysis Type = MINERAL, PLAGIOCLASE.”

You should also cite the original scientists who contributed to the downloaded dataset.

We strongly encourage that you create a secondary bibliography for work that uses large datasets. You can easily download all of the references that contributed to a dataset for this secondary bibliography.

Many journals will accept a secondary bibliography as a supplementary material file. This type of citation helps ensure that the hard work performed by members of our community is acknowledged properly.

Data Curation

Over the course of 5 years, data from approximately 1,500 publications that contain laboratory analyses for the Lunar, Antarctic Meteorite, Cosmic Dust, Genesis, Hayabusa, Stardust, and Microparticle Impact NASA JSC collections are being compiled into the AstroDB synthesis. These data are accompanied with a wide range of information pertaining to the provenance of the analytical measurements (e.g., analytical instrumentation, laboratory, sample preparation procedures, instrument calibration, data reduction) adding to the quality of the data. Focus will initially be on geochemical, mineralogical, and geochronological data, but content will be extended later to include additional data types.

If you have a reference that is missing from the AstroDB synthesis, please contact us at

AstroDB Tutorial

See below for the virtual community workshop that includes an introduction to the AstroMat system followed by a demo of the AstroMat Search app (AstroSearch). The demo highlights the functions and features of the app including the ability to filter data by material type, analysis type, and analytical variables. AstroSearch is a powerful tool to discover astromaterials geochemical data across the scientific literature from the past 50 years.

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