AstroMat Overview

The Astromaterials Data System (AstroMat) is a data infrastructure to store, curate, and provide access to laboratory data acquired on samples curated in the Astromaterials Collection of the Johnson Space Center. AstroMat will contain data from past, present, and future studies. AstroMat is developed and operated at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University by a team that has long-term experiences in the development and operation of data systems for geochemical, petrological, mineralogical, and geochronological laboratory data acquired on physical samples – EarthChem and PetDB.


AstroMat aims to facilitate discovery, access, publication, attribution, and preservation of laboratory data acquired on astromaterials samples. AstroMat will:

  • Preserve and facilitate the re-use of astromaterials sample data to maximize their utility and impact for the benefit of science, education, and society.
  • Facilitate integration of astromaterials sample data across the global science community.
  • Enable data attribution and support transparency and verification of research results.
  • Advance a culture of open data sharing in the planetary sciences.

AstroMat Data Services

AstroMat’s services include:

  • Compilation and restoration of 40+ years of published data from the scientific literature into the AstroDB data synthesis.
  • Data Rescue of unpublished data from investigators and labs and inclusion in AstroDB.
  • Repository service for investigators to publish and archive data in AstroRepo in compliance with policies of funding agencies and publishers.
  • Online software tools for searching, mining, retrieving, and visualizing the content of AstroDB.
  • Community outreach, engagement, and training.