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This website is designed for both public and academic use. In order to access certain features of the AstroRepo website, you must be have a GeoPass ID or ORCID ID. The email address and password you use to create a GeoPass account can be used to log in to multiple IEDA webpages.

Terms and Conditions for Website Use

You may use our systems and services only for lawful purposes. Accordingly, you may only submit or publish content on our site if you have the right to do so. By contributing content to AstroMat you warrant that i) your content is original to you and/or is licensed and fully cleared to permit your use and submission to AstroRepo, and ii) that your content does not violate or breach any of these Terms of Use.

Use of digital materials obtained from our systems are licensed under varying Creative Commons licenses which may be found in disclaimer pages and/or in website footers. You may browse freely, but you may not circulate or publish materials you obtained from this site if you do not accept the terms of providing adequate citation.

How to Cite

All data obtained from AstroMat systems should be adequately cited following the license-specific requirements.

Downloads from AstroMat should be cited by giving the date and, if possible, parameters of the download. For example: “The data were downloaded from the AstroMat Database (www.astromat.org) on 31 August, 2018, using the following parameters: feature name = Apollo and rock classification= basalt.”

Datasets in the AstroRepo are published with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and any future publications resulting from your use of these data should include a data citation which includes this DOI. A data citation is generated for each dataset and displayed on the dataset landing page as well as in the dataset Terms of Use after downloading the data. AstroRepo users can select the license they wish to associate with their dataset, which in some cases may require attribution and/or restrict commercial use. The dataset license can be found on the dataset landing page as well as in the dataset Terms of Use displayed after downloading the data.

Failure to Comply

In the case of non-compliance or misuse of services, AstroMat reserves the right to disable access without notice.

Deletion of Content

Please contact us if you would like to delete your GeoPass account or any of your content.


We make no claims to accuracy of the data identification, acquisition parameters, processing methods, navigation, or database entries or reference information. We ask that you notify us immediately of any contributions that contain objectionable material.


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If you have any comments or concerns about our Services, please contact us.

These Terms of Use were last updated in January 2020.